It is Going To Be a Fashion Week Without Peter Som

Peter Som recently gave news of how his designer collection will not be in the fall runway during the New York Fashion Week. A reason was not given, since the designer has not yet revealed these details in full, but it is safe to assume that they will be shared before the commencement of the fashion event.

Peter Som

The Rise and Rise of Peter Som
Peter Som made his debut on the runaway back in 2001, and has since established a name for himself in the fashion world. In 2007, he became the creative director at Bill Blass for one year. Tommy Hilfiger then started consulting with him since 2009, but the desire to focus on his business saw him retire from the gig in mid last year.

His fame has been credited to his eclectic designs, which are often embellished in bold prints and lively colors. They have been cherished by many starlets of Hollywood, and even the First Lady herself. The femininity of his pieces makes them dreamy and romantic, and this has been contributed much to their success.

The news of his cancellation has brought some disappointment, but considering that he has been focusing on his runway line for only one season, he will be present at many fashion events to come. More time is apparently required to take in all the positive feedback the line has been receiving throughout this time.

Peter Som was scheduled for a runway show on February 8 from 10 a.m. While this has changed, it was hinted that a show might take place. The designer has been working on a 2013 collection, but it has not been conclusively decided when or where the collection would be presented.

Charlotte Ronson and Tommy Hilfiger are some of those set to hold a show on the same day. These are still set to happen, so the NYFW 2013 will still have a lot to offer.

Peter Som becomes the third designer to forego this year’s New York Fashion Week. The other two prominent designers that will be a no-show are Katie Holmes and Chris Benz.

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Fashion Has Not Seen the Last of John Galliano

The star that once shone for fashion designer has not dimmed out yet, as it might, once again, shine for the Spanish whose talent was highly revered. For two years he has been away from the spotlight, paying for his misdeeds and re-evaluating his life choices.

John Galliano for Oscar De la Renta

Fall from Grace
Having arisen to the enviable spot as the creative director at Christian Dior, John Galliano had built a name for himself, with his reputation taking precedence wherever he went. However, on one fateful day in the stoned streets of Paris, an anti-Semitic rant at a couple saw him fall from the ranks with a shameful dismissal at the renowned label. He confessed to being a prisoner of his own addictions, including an alcoholic one, but it came a little too late. The year was 2011, and the transgression stretched past forgivable, and following his firing, his presence in the fashion industry quickly faded.

Oscar De La Renta and a New Hope
In a bid to save whatever creative greatness that once resided in him, Galliano apologized and checked into rehabilitation to overcome his tribulations and harmful indulgences. And now in 2013 Oscar De La Renta has seen something worth saving in the designer, as he has stretched over an invite to his studio for three weeks, as the label prepares for New York’s fashion week. He expressed his desire of wanting to give the designer a second chance, so he can once again reestablish himself in the environment he once amassed such greatness in. He also said that his invitation is not a succession plan in the making, but rather, the mere offering of an opportunity to a creative designer that needs it. Two years later, and this, forgetting his past error is not exactly above reason.

Every imaginable industry loves a good comeback story, and John Galliano for Oscar De la Renta has the makings for one. Many have admitted that his approach to design is unique in more ways than one, and if this is indeed a comeback for Galliano, fashion should brace for some pretty amazing work.

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American Apparel Frustrated at ASA’s Decision to Ban Ad

American Apparel
American Apparel released its latest statement on the incident, lamenting that ASA banned its advertisements that are intended to be seen by mature audiences. Ryan Holiday, marketing director for the company, clarified the allegations that the company hired underage models for it ads, stating the model that was featured without underwear was actually 23 years old. The company will uphold ASA’s decision to have the American Apparel ad banned, but continue with its tradition of doing advertisements with artistic values.

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Judge Reject’s Dolce and Gabbana’s Plea to Throw Tax Evasion Case

A judge in charge of the Dolce and Gabbana tax evasion case has rejected outright the plea by fashion designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana to throw out the case of tax evasion against them and a number of their business colleagues. Instead, judge Antonella Brambilla was adamant that the case will stand. Trial will go ahead as scheduled, the start of which is on January 30. Subsequent hearings are scheduled to be done on February.

Dolce and Gabbana

Tax evasion charges on D&G
The case of the Italian designing duo, which was filed against them 5 years ago, charges the two of committing grave tax evasion acts involving the amount of €420 million. These is the approximately the tax that they should have paid the Italian Government when they decided to sell their two premier Italian brands, which are D&G and Dolce & Gabbana, to premier company Gado Srl, also a business they own that is based in Luxembourg.

Supreme Court overturns Lower Court: declares there’s a case
The tax evasion charges were filed against Dolce and Gabbana in 2007. In April of 2011, the lower court handling the case dismissed the charges, as it deemed that there was no concrete evidence to merit the continuance of the trial.

However, just last November, Italy’s Supreme Court overturned the ruling, deciding that tax avoidance or mitigation on a person or business’ earnings declaration is an offence of serious criminal nature under the Italian law. In previous years, tax avoidance in this country was considered to be a less serious criminal offence.

On their part, both designers Dolce and Gabbana; as well as the rest of their co-accused, deny the tax evasion allegations that were hurled on the two. The designers insisted that they performed their dues to the best of their knowledge. It was absurd that they were accused of such wrongdoing, since the financial aspects of their business was not their responsibility anyway, but that of the company accountants. Still, if Dolce and Gabbana are proven to be guilty and convicted, the two willfacing a maximum of 3 years in jail, or a huge penalty of as much as €1 million.

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Rachel Zoe Fashion Line – Not Anymore Sold at Saks Fifth Avenue stores

As a fashion stylist and TV personality, Rachel Zoe is a popular one. Her latest public appearance was at the First Yearly Baby2Baby Gala last November 2012 at the Book Bindery. However, bad things are bound to happen to even the most successful individuals. On December 13, the famous fashion stylist to the stars received the sad news that her Rachel Zoe fashion line had been dropped by Saks Fifth Avenue. The upscale retail shop decided not to sell Zoe’s clothing collection it its stores. However, the collection will still be available it Saks’ official website.

Rachel Zoe

Not the first
Sak’s Fifth Avenue was not the first store to drop Zoe’s clothing collection. Selfridge was in fact the first retailer to drop her clothing line. NY Post, on the other hand, reported that Rachel’s collection is not doing well in other major retail shops like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale's.

Still selling Zoe’s fashion line
QVC, a popular US retail store, is apparently one of the only few shops in the country that still sell her fashion collection. Rachel Zoe’s fashion line is also offered at the home shopping channel, but the collection has a different name: Luxe.

The complete collection of Rachel Zoe; which consists of coats, fashion jewelry, and accessories, are sold at QVC shops at affordable prices. At the same time, the retail shop also offers the collection on its official website. However, it is not sure whether QVC is still willing to sell fashion stylist’s fashion line come 2013.

Zoe’s Series is back on TV
Despite the Rachel Zoe fashion line business setback, the popular stylist still has some great things to look forward to. Specifically, her TV series, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” will be back for its fifth season, to be shown at the Bravo Channel. Still good news is that she expects to be part of a sitcom series, with the story based on loosely on her life.

Rachel Zoe has developed the image of being a top celebrity stylist. Her list of high profile clients includes Anne Hathaway, Nicole Richie, and Kate Hudson. She is responsible for creating the popular "boho" style of Richie.

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