Fashion Has Not Seen the Last of John Galliano

The star that once shone for fashion designer has not dimmed out yet, as it might, once again, shine for the Spanish whose talent was highly revered. For two years he has been away from the spotlight, paying for his misdeeds and re-evaluating his life choices.

John Galliano for Oscar De la Renta

Fall from Grace
Having arisen to the enviable spot as the creative director at Christian Dior, John Galliano had built a name for himself, with his reputation taking precedence wherever he went. However, on one fateful day in the stoned streets of Paris, an anti-Semitic rant at a couple saw him fall from the ranks with a shameful dismissal at the renowned label. He confessed to being a prisoner of his own addictions, including an alcoholic one, but it came a little too late. The year was 2011, and the transgression stretched past forgivable, and following his firing, his presence in the fashion industry quickly faded.

Oscar De La Renta and a New Hope
In a bid to save whatever creative greatness that once resided in him, Galliano apologized and checked into rehabilitation to overcome his tribulations and harmful indulgences. And now in 2013 Oscar De La Renta has seen something worth saving in the designer, as he has stretched over an invite to his studio for three weeks, as the label prepares for New York’s fashion week. He expressed his desire of wanting to give the designer a second chance, so he can once again reestablish himself in the environment he once amassed such greatness in. He also said that his invitation is not a succession plan in the making, but rather, the mere offering of an opportunity to a creative designer that needs it. Two years later, and this, forgetting his past error is not exactly above reason.

Every imaginable industry loves a good comeback story, and John Galliano for Oscar De la Renta has the makings for one. Many have admitted that his approach to design is unique in more ways than one, and if this is indeed a comeback for Galliano, fashion should brace for some pretty amazing work.

Image Source: TorontoFashionBlog


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